About Me

If you never thought counselling was for you, think again.

Nearly everyone faces some sort of stress and can benefit from therapy.

My Beliefs

Being a mere mortal I am not an expert in everything, however I am willing, compassionate listener with some talent for facilitating people through difficult phases in their lives. I am happy to work with individuals who want to move on from suffering needless pain to leading balanced, joyful lives.

As soon as you take steps to accept what life offers you and meet “rough patches” as challenges instead of insurmountable brick walls then life can become light and the journeys, then when I meet with them the exchange is mutually satisfying.

Life has never been more hectic and many problems can seem overwhelming. Many people benefit from professional counselling to resolve their issues and regain stability. Jan Patty is a professional therapist in Victoria Point, helping people of all ages with a vast array of stresses and psychological issues.

Whether you are experiencing problems in your personal or professional life, as a qualified psychotherapist, Jan offers a range of therapies to help you understand and resolve your problems.

Every person is unique, which is why Jan works closely with each patient to develop a tailored treatment plan. Her therapies include one on one counselling, couples counselling and group counselling. All counselling takes place in a friendly and welcoming environment, with full confidentiality and sensitivity.

” I am a firm believer in self-responsibility because no one else can live your life for you “

I am a registered psychologist operating a private psychology and energetic healing practice in Victoria Point. I see clients individually, as couples, and as family groups. Initially my prospective clients and I discuss a little about why they wish to see me.

I briefly outline my background, my fees, and how I work; and then we decide if a therapeutic relationship is workable.   If it is, then we organize a suitable time to meet and face-to-face sessions begin. If not, then I refer people on to other suitable providers. The process is relatively painless and helps to ensure that both parties have some familiarity with each other when we first meet. I believe clarity and honesty are important in any relationship and so I make contact with my clients with those things firmly in mind.

I conduct an ethical practice which respects both my and my clients’ needs for privacy and confidentiality, giving due consideration to legal requirements and issues of safety for the client and relevant others.

Clients are always consulted about their needs and no one is ever pushed beyond that which they are prepared to face. I prefer to adopt a gentle, facilitative role that encourages clients to deal with their fears and any other issues in an empowered manner. Increasing person’s capacity to keenly observe him/herself brings in greater awareness of personal options generating a perception of control of self that brings in happiness and self-contentment.

Jan has all the right tools,
too help you start feeling better

Our Office

Jan Patty Consulting
Victoria Point, Q 4165

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm